Foundations - Kick Collection by Scorb and Virtual Light

The golden kick collection.

Sifting through endless folders of hit-and-miss kicks just isn't the vibe. Getting another 250 average kicks from your mate isn't lifting your tracks.

If you've been following our journey, you'll know we're all about refinement - business-time tools crafted by the pros. When Ady Connor, AKA Scorb, told us that he was making a gold collection of kicks with Vince Virtual Light, we were all in.

And now they’re ready to land in your tracks.

Years of studio experience, deep technical analysis and performing on massive festival rigs was the guiding force behind this pack. The Foundations Kick Collection were refined, tweaked and even phase-corrected by hand until digitally pure. Aimed at Full-On producers, your kick collection just got a serious upgrade.

▶ DEMO: Click here to listen to the kicks in action!

The Kick Collection is part of the Foundations sample pack, comprising of the complete collection of kicks, basses and percussion elements engineered by Scorb and Virtual Light.

Sounds great, what do I get inside?

  • 50 professional Full-On Psytrance kicks
  • Suitable for 140BPM+
  • Fully processed and track-tested
  • Custom Live Racks by Pie Berger - Click here for more information
  • Personal name-stamped customer PDF

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You'll get 1 PDF, 1 ZIP and 1 ALP

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