Free 250MB Demo - Future Geometrics

Punctuating the busy world of sample packs are those that dare to push outside the box.

Achieving that dance floor-destroying, festival-filling sound just happens to be our craft and passion, and last year's Sonic Formations was a smash hit.

Now we've done it again.

Welcome to Future Geometrics, the all new Psychedelic Trance Audio Library from Futurephonic. Weighing in at just under 2GB, this cutting edge pack was painstakingly developed by the Futurephonic team to bring you only the finest in production ready material designed to expand your productions to the next level.

We count amongst our sample pack users: Vini Vici, Day Din, Avalon, Outsiders, Zen Mechanics, Sonic Species, Rinkadink, WHITENO1ZE, X-Noize and the list goes on...

Let's get specific. In the FULL VERSION of Future Geometrics, you'll get:

  • 1.9GB 24-bit WAV Audio
  • Tuned Kicks
  • Multi-key Basses
  • Massive Drum Fills
  • Glitchtronic Fills
  • Thunder Toms
  • Waterphone Bows & Hits
  • Overtone Flute Blasts
  • Hang Drum Hits and Loops by Key
  • Grids & Leads
  • Risers & Tension Builders
  • Top Loops
  • Custom Production Snares
  • Pads & Atmospheres
  • Single Shots & FX
  • Voice Samples

All neatly arranged by key and BPM.

Like what you hear in the demo pack? Upgrade to the full pack here.

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