Free 250MB Demo - Sonic Formations

They say that releasing a sample pack in this day and age can be a risky venture, what with all the competition.

And we would agree - unless you can hit the scene with a level of professional quality that's rarely been seen before. Welcome to Sonic Formations, the spankin' new 2GB Audio Library from Futurephonic. The pack was produced by Alex Story, formerly of Sonic Species, and includes a Secret Selection of customised kicks, basses and drums from Bonen (Major7, X-Noize, Seven Monkeys).

Here's what the pros had to say:

"Simply one of the coolest sample packs I’ve heard in a long time; brimming with top-notch sound design. Ranging from emotive pads and sci-fi textures to layered kinetic sequences and leads that cut through any mix, practically each sound is super useful and inspiring.

While this is clearly aimed at Psytrance production, I reckon everyone will find something useful here, regardless of what genre your working in. Essential!"

Wouter Thomassen (Zen Mechanics)

"Really nice processing on them, so you don't have to fuss about with them a lot, you can just drop them in, audition them and they sound great! They're arranged by key and BPM which is super useful for me because navigating a sample pack which is not properly ordered is painful and you end up not using it - Sonic Formations is well organised.

I've been working on a track using a lot of the sounds from the pack, chopping them up, and it should be done soon so I hope you can hear it and that you like it. So have fun making music!"

Werner 'Vana' van Jaarsveld (Rinkadink)

Let's get specific. In Sonic Formations, you'll get:

  • 2GB 24-bit WAV (673 files)
  • Grids & Glitches
  • Leads & Lines
  • Pads & Atmosperes
  • Single Shots & FX
  • Bonen (Major7 / X-Noize) Secret Selection
  • 6 Multi-key Basses
  • 18 Tuned Kicks
  • Custom Drums & Percussion
  • 34 Percussive Toploops
  • All-new exclusive expansions - presets and Future Vocal FX
  • All neatly arranged by key and BPM

Loving the demo? Check out the full pack here.

Hear a track that used a tonne of the samples

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