Glitch Components by Ninesense

Chop Me > Paste me ∴ Glitch ++ me // > Repeat.

Weaponize your sonic palette with a deep injection of playful futurism and digital turbulence.

◮ Science non-fiction.

Dreamed and designed by Ninesense himself, Glitch Components is an exciting new addition to our collection. Use tempo'd slabs of malfunction to enhance the cutting edge of your tracks, glue your grids and fills together, and drop them in for instant digital error code digit a l e rr or / er rro r// >> +

▶ DEMO: Click here to listen to the glitch components in action!

≢ Keep it Psychedelic.

While this epic collection would feel at home in a George Lucas movie, all the sounds have been optimized for Full-On Psytrance. That said, you're encouraged to break the programme here. Chop them, bend them, glitch the glitch.

Make them yours today.

Sounds great, what do I get inside?

  • 8 Folders of Rhythmic and non-Rhythmic Glitches
  • 226 Total File Count
  • Expertly processed and engineered by Ninesense
  • Optional folder of .asd files for Live users
  • Personal name-stamped customer PDF
  • NEW: Ultra creative custom Glitch Components rack version for Live users lovingly assembled by Pie Berger

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You'll get 2 PDF, 1 ZIP and 1 ALP

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