Matrix Loops by Divination

Congratulations, your percussion just got a huge upgrade.

You know the sound - that massive, rolling weight that pro Psytrance gets just so right. It's not quite a hat, not quite a snare, just a fatness that makes the entire track so much bigger. Popularised by early pioneers like Astrix and Domestic, these breakbeat-like elements have become a much sought-after component of the finished Psytrance sound.

It comes by many names - we call it the Matrix Loop.

"Really loving the matrix loops, sounding fresh, they rock! A great new edition to your sonic arsenal! "

- Leon Avalon

Dive inside this epic collection and discover a host of percussion-enhancing loops that are precisely and painstakingly engineered to sit in their shelf, activating a whole new level of dancefloor energy and intensity in your track.

Engineered for Psytrance.

Psytrance producers know that getting that sound is a balance of scientific precision and free creative expression. The Matrix Loops have been designed specifically to slot into the mix with no extra processing, although we always encourage experimentation.

▶ DEMO: Click here to listen to Matrix Loops in action!

Tested across the world.

It was incredibly exciting to be approached by Dan from Divination about this pack. Dan's sound design and production skills have taken him to the biggest world stages, where he got a chance to test the loops, tweaking and refining afterwards into this rock-solid final collection.

Sounds great, what do I get inside?

  • 33 expertly-crafted percussion enhancing loops
  • 10 Bonus FX loops
  • Two BPM options: 140 and 145 BPM
  • Fully processed and track-tested
  • Mastered at the TRK Mastering studio
  • Personal name-stamped customer PDF
  • Custom Ableton Live racks - Click here for more info

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✔️ 100% Royalty-free

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You'll get 1 PDF, 1 ZIP and 1 ALP

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