[Pulses] for Kick 2 by Scorb and Divination

Psytrance production takes a leap forward with fully customizable kick drum presets from two legendary producers.‏‏‎ ‎

‏‏‎ Tired of scrolling through endless banks of mediocre kicks?

Found the ideal kick sample, but it’s too short or in the wrong key?

Wish you had more control over your kicks?

▲ Like bending Gold.

‏‏‎Sculpted by Psytrance veterans Scorb and Divination, Pulses delivers 50 of the absolute prime kicks in their collection, in the form of presets for Sonic Academy Kick 2.

Featuring Progressive, Psychedelic Full-On, Zenon and Tech presets, find your flavour and fit it perfectly to every last track.

▲ Unlimited customization.

We’ve all been there: you find the kick in your collection with that perfect knock and zap, but the sub is all wrong for your track, or it’s too short.

Load up a Pulses kick in Kick 2 and make those crucial last adjustments with their simple-to-use pitch and time points.

Fine tune length and key in seconds to get it humming sweetly with your bass.

▲ Keep Building.

Inside you’ll also find a selection of extra goodies.

Choose from a selection of click layers, perfectly engineered by Ady and Dan to add subtle texture and definition.

Using the included Pulses curve presets, create new kicks by combining the pitch envelope of one kick with the amp envelope of another.

Don’t waste time exporting and reimporting. Kick 2’s Generate button allows you to drag the kick straight on to an audio channel, hot and fresh.

Rock the look with the exclusive _Futurephonic Pulses Kick 2 skin included within.

Check out the demo video here!

The bottom line.

You already know the importance of using the right kick. It'll make or break your track.

Now, having the ability to choose from a selection curated and engineered by the legendary Scorb and Divination, working together for months in Ady’s TRK Mastering studio in Brighton, UK, then being able to tweak them to fit your every track - this is the future of Psytrance production, right here.

Sounds great, what do I get inside?

  • 50 Psytrance presets for Sonic Academy Kick 2
  • 50 kick samples
  • 11 click samples
  • 15 amp & pitch curves
  • Preset Guide document
  • Custom _Futurephonic Pulses Skin
  • Personal name-stamped customer PDF

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✔️100% Royalty-free

✔️Own for life.

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