The Waio Masterclass

Eu adoraria assistir a uma ótima masterclass em português brasileiro
Ich würde gerne eine tolle Meisterklasse auf Deutsch sehen
Because our awesome lead finishes after 16 bars and doesn’t know where to go next.
Because we’re ready to push 2D sound into 3D.
Because the ground should shake every time our kick and bass drops
Because we have a great idea that can become a Psychedelic masterpiece.

Step in to Waio’s Studio

Fernando’s music needs no introduction, and over the course of five days we immersed ourselves in his weird and wonderful sonic world, investigating every nook and cranny of the legendary sound he’s built over the last twenty years, headlining festivals across every continent of the globe year in and out.


Fernando’s masterful approach to storytelling teaches us how to guide our listeners through our music, showing us how to paints the opening bars, ramp the energy from section to section and unleash deadly, dancefloor-destroying moments.


You have a three note melody that you want to carry on - what about turning each of the three notes into three new synth parts as a way of developing it? Fernando demonstrates effective methods for evolving the simplest of musical ideas into the centerpiece of tracks.


We all know that the low end and percussion are the foundation of every strong Psytrance track, and Waio tracks are famous for their kick and bass attack. By picking apart everything from his signature 3D bass design to his wall-of-sound percussion, we learn how to elevate our core elements into a force to be reckoned with.


Laser sharp sound design is a hallmark of every Waio track. Come with us on an adventure through 3D glitch control, sound generation and Psychedelic gridwork. Amongst other tracks, we use his collaboration with Symbolic on ‘Cyber Space’ to explore how he gets that tight, trippy production.

Here’s what you get

7 Chapter Video Masterclass

The classes are expertly formulated into seven ordered chapters of stimulating, no-nonsense video content.

The WAIO Student Workbook

A beautifully designed 18-page e-book elevates the class and brings new depth and angles to the production concepts.

Waio DAW Templates

In the class, we look at two Waio tracks in different psychedelic styles. These have been exported as ‘skeleton’ templates for Logic Pro X, Cubase 8 and Ableton Live 10 users to provide the ultimate exercise in arrangement.

Chapter list

  • 1.0 - Working the Theme
  • 2.0 - The Commandments of Kick and Bass
  • 3.0 - Driving Drums
  • 4.0 - Musical Matrix
  • 5.0 - Psychedelic Lead Design
  • 6.0 - Arrangement Templates
  • 7.0 - Essential FX

List of Contents

✔️ Immersive, cinematic video experience with multi-cam capture, screenshare and raw DAW audio

✔️ 7 chapters, 4h 18m running time

✔️ Subtitles in English, Portuguese and German

✔️ Comprehensive 18-page E-book translated to Portuguese and German

✔️ ‘Skeleton’ templates of 2 tracks for Logic Pro X, Cubase 8 and Ableton Live 10

✔️ Instant access download and stream. Own for life.

✔️ Personal, name-stamped PDF and Welcome Letter

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You'll get 5 PDF, 24 MP4, 1 TXT and 2 ZIP

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