Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some issues and questions that come up from time to time:

📩 I just bought something - how do I access it?

You will receive an email within a few minutes of purchasing from our Futurephonic store. In some cases, depending on your email settings and settings from your email host, your purchase receipt may land in your spam folder. Gmail users, It's also worth checking the All Mail folder. If after a few minutes you have still not received your receipt, and you have checked your spam folders, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you.

The most common cause of non-receipt is a misspelled email address, or a secondary/less commonly used email account given.

🎹 Will Rhythmizer 2.0 or Radical Devices work for my DAW?

These devices are currently formatted for Max for Live only, so are therefore only available for Ableton Live users. Ableton offer Max capability only to Live Suite users, as well as Live Standard users who have the M4L upgrade. We are looking at getting Rhythmizer 2.0 made for VST and AU at the moment, and when that's available, we'll be screaming and shouting about it!

💳 My payment isn't being accepted.

We offer payment gateways for PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and even Amex. In our experience, payment issues are most commonly due to a problem at the customer's end. We know it sounds obvious, but check that you have the funds available to pay for your Futurephonic product. If you're sure that your payment method is topped up and ready to go, clear your cache in your current browser, and try again. If this doesn't work, attempt the purchase using a different browser (we recommend Chrome or FireFox).

If you continue to have payment issues, please contact us, and include a screenshot of your error if possible.

🎞️ How do I play my videos?

We provide our videos in MP4 format for maximum compatibility. Most native media players should play these, but sometimes there might be missing codecs on your device. For best results we recommend using the free VLC Player to play the files.

For streaming the files directly from our web shop, follow the link included in your email receipt.

🤲 Can I get a refund?

As we currently only sell digital products we cannot offer refunds, as it is not possible for you to return the product back to us. We go the extra mile to make our product descriptions super clear, so that you know exactly what you're getting.

❔ The price doesn't seem to be the same as advertised.

Depending on which country you're located in when purchasing the sale, you may be liable for paying VAT, as is required by law. Although we clearly note this on each product description and at checkout, it's not always obvious if you're making just a quick scan before purchasing.

💵I want to dispute a sale.

This happens sometimes, and in almost every case it is down to an honest mistake or misunderstood charge on a credit or debit card statement. Here's the thing: we get charged a fee if an official dispute is pursued through the customer's bank. Please contact us first - we are friendly folks and have no doubt that we can resolve any disputes between us. If you feel that we haven't been able to find resolution, you reserve the right to involve your bank or credit card issuer afterwards.

🎹 Help - my synth presets won't load!

All of our synth presets are made to be compatible with the latest version of the VST. We provide instructions for installing and using the presets, so if you've installed them into the right place and they're not loading, check that your software is up to date. There is no VST synth that we make presets for that doesn't include free updates for legitimate customers.

😍 Do you offer customer loyalty?

Yes! With the launch of our new web shop, we're proud to offer a series of increasing loyalty discounts to our customers. As you purchase more products you will proceed through ascending brackets: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Master. Within a few days of entering into a new bracket you will receive an email notification that includes your single-use discount code to redeem on your next purchase!

👨‍🎤 Can you do a Masterclass with Artist X?

Hopefully! There are myriad reasons why some artists don't feel like presenting a Masterclass is the right fit for them. Luckily, many artists are keen to book one in, at which point we're at the mercy of their tour schedules (and the most popular artists tend to be busy... really busy). We are also dedicated to working with artists who feel that they're open to sharing and collaborating on a positive education experience.

Is there an artist whose work inspires something in you, that you'd love to see do a Futurephonic Masterclass? Get in touch and let us know through our Contact page below!

🎛️ Where can I get the Stutterer Effect that Tristan was using in his class?

Stutterer is one of the devices included in the Max For Live - Pluggo For Live pack that's available as a free download for registered Ableton Live users.