Freedom Fighters - ERA: The Story Behind with Futurephonic

Alex caught up with Shahaf Freedom Fighters, whose latest album ERA has been widely celebrated as a masterpiece of modern Psychedelic music.

How was ERA conceived, and what was Shahaf's process throughout?

Watch Alex get the story behind it.


In the Studio with Tristan Masterclass Screening and live Q&A

We caught up with the one and only Tristan to check out a segment from In the Studio With Tristan as well as a live Q&A with the man himself.

Thanks so much to Tristan and to you all for the questions and comments - stay safe, stay positive and stay tuned!


Futurephonic Quarantine Hangout pt. 2

You know you're on to a great thing when Riktam GMS plays you his favourite Hallucinogen track and then Simon Posford himself shows up.

Watch our epic live stream with Riktam
GMS, Ajja, Simon Posford Shpongle, Leon Avalon, Fernando Waio, Adam Headroom, Celli Earthling and Colin OOOD.

Stay tuned for next time and stay safe out there!


Futurephonic Quarantine Hangout pt. 1

It started to feel like everyone was feeling a bit quarantined out so we decided to join forces with some familiar faces and chat about how to stay sane and focused in these crazy times.

Joining us from their respective studios were Fernando Waio, Joe Sonic Species, Regan Nano Records, Vana Rinkadink, Joe Hypnacoustics, Angus Mandala, Jez Laughing Buddha, Savitha The Digital Hippie, Daniel Menog & Tamir Atomic Pulse.