_ T E S T I M O N I A L S

You know what makes it worth it for us? Hearing how much our customers love Futurephonic.

According to the big artists:

They've done it again - Foundations is a heavyweight library of pristine samples that you're actually going to use in your tracks. A big thumbs up for this high quality work from Virtual Light and Scorb.

Yoni Oshrat / Ace Ventura

Alex is one of the best Psytrance sound designers out there. Future Psychedelic is a real investment into your production.

Gustavo Manfroni / Burn in Noise

"Simply the coolest samples I’ve heard in a long time; brimming with top-notch sound design. Ranging from emotive pads and sci-fi textures to layered kinetic sequences and leads that cut through any mix, practically each sound is super useful and inspiring. Essential!"

Wouter Thomassen / Zen Mechanics

Source Code Serum sound set is killer! Totally usable for anyone who likes it proper psychedelic - really great inspiration! ♥

Tristan Cooke

Future Psychedelic: Secrets of Sound Design is a goldmine of inspiration. Psytrance producers, this one will seriously up your game.

Haim Lev & Guy Malka / Outsiders

Futurephonic samples: really nice processing, so you don't have to fuss about, you can just drop them in, audition and they sound great! I've been working on a track using a lot of their sounds, chopping them up, and it should be done soon so I hope you can hear it and that you like it. Have fun making music!"

Werner 'Vana' van Jaarsveld / Rinkadink

Really loving the Matrix Loops, sounding fresh, they rock! A great new edition to your sonic arsenal.

Leon Kane / Avalon

Glitch Components - is a massive and inspiring collection of glitched and grained up effect noises, perfect for any kind of Psychedelic music. I highly recommend to experiment with them in your favourite Sampler or Effect Chain. Grab them now!

Ralph Freund / Braincell

First, I must say you make wonderful stuff with Futurephonic - my favorite stuff, very solid, very special. Your patches are one of a kind, and each has a unique color! Keep spreading your magic.

Ilan Shemi / Symbolic

And here's what our fans and customers are telling us:

If there was ever a class I could recommend it would only be Futurephonic, and all similar companies should take note on what these guys are doing because they are leagues ahead of all of them. The information is invaluable, and I feel like they actually care to give you real topics and the help you need to achieve high quality production, as well as taking the time to go into the smaller details that make the biggest difference. They are always making sure you are getting more than your money’s worth.

Dylan Loera / ETHR-L (California, USA)

I’m sure you hear this a lot, but Futurephonic content is in a league of its own. As a complete beginner to music production, the vastness of content available from various sources was overwhelming, with everyone claiming to be the ‘best, original and cutting-edge’. Thankfully, the first penny I spent was with Futurephonic, and I have never felt the need to look elsewhere. The quality of the Masterclasses, with producers who I consider to be an inspiration, have all been remarkable creations and invaluable to such an anxious beginner, whilst the sound-sets, again, are absolutely unbelievable quality. And to be gifted with a 45% discount after all of this, is the best customer service I have ever received! I cannot wait to see what Mix Transformers and Sound Design have to offer. Thanks again!

John Welch, UK

Without you I felt like giving up producing Psytrance because it is my side job or a hobby. But when you guys showed up you restored my faith. I hope I can soon make something to release, I have so much to tell in Psytrance Music, I grew up with Psytrance. Respect to you all and your team!

Jovan Ivanovski, Austria

High Quality sounds, very useful information and great presets! Futurephonic provides powerful tools to boost creativity and inspiration, with the ability to tweak sounds in many different ways to your taste... highly recommended for all producer levels! Much love and support to you guys, keep it up!

Brad / Moon Tripper (Dubai, UAE)

I found Futurephonic in 2017 and their artist insights, the info on music creation and videos are incredible! Always look forward to their next installment in the arts and craft of Psychedelic electronic music and a massive thumbs up in my opinion.

Gregg Sonic (Cape Town, South Africa)

I gotta say, Future Psychedelic is amazing, you really nailed it this time. Really great tips all along and getting to learn more and more about your methods with using Serum's macros is just mind expanding. It inspired me so much with creating even more complex, multi layered sounds. Thanks a lot for everything! Keep up the amazing work!

Jonathan Morgan, Israel

Just want to thank you... I'm watching your new masterclass on sound design and man!!... This is really cool to be with you in the studio like that! So many tips by now... REALLY inspiring and exciting!! So thanks again for all your work! It helps a lot! Looking forward for your next video.. All the best!

Jean-Félix, Québec, Canada

I just finished watching MixTransformers. Your work is absolutely amazing, video editing is superb, everything straight to the point, allowing some funny moments to be captured in order to keep things laid back. Nik really pushed that track to the next level, and I’m feeling inspired already. Once again a big thanks to everyone involved!

Jamie Benson

On MixTransformers - I just finished the first two chapters, great stuff so far. Expanding the sub by mid/high frequencies is genius! I have already experimented with low-end expansion before, but found it made the bass overly wampy/woofy and generally avoided it. I already make my basses using the phase cancelled fundamental trick, but find they lose a bit of weight as a result, particularly going up the register. Automating the level to only affect the overlapping note is brilliant, a truly having your cake and eating it moment. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter to see what other nuggets I can feed on. Another top drawer release from Futurephonic, big thanks to Nik and the FP team for making this happen (and for a reasonable price)!

Pieter Limberger / Hypometric (London, UK)

You are by far the best Psytrance production outlet on the market. I downloaded your free Serum patches - just Huge! I am going to buy the collection for sure.

Tjark Janzen

I live in Perth, Australia, one of the most isolated cities in the world, so networking and getting access to information from the pros can be tricky. There’s nothing better to me than having a lesson from a highly credible artist! Futurephonic masterclasses have helped me source the knowledge I need to process my sounds to an internationally recognised level of quality, and I highly recommend Futurephonic to any producer, from beginner to professional, as I believe there’s something for everybody in their masterclasses.

Luke Hays / Metaflux (Perth, Australia)

I have been an autodidact learning mostly from futurephonic classes and I have bought your samples and presets ever since you started releasing them. Fast forward two years: I'm releasing music in labels like Digital Om, Iono and soon in Sacred Technology a remix contest I was chosen as one of the winners. I can't thank you enough for how much I've learned from your masterclasses.

Francisco Manzano, Italy

High quality Psychedelic samples, presets and tutorials for any producer. Made by very talented and super nice people. Much love to all of you!

Matt Kyriakides / Contineum (London, UK)

Futurephonic changed the game in Psytrance - you can hear the sounds traveling in a lot of tracks around the world. Also, the videos are very useful to learn basic and advanced stuff.

Idan Drori / Mystery Sense (Berkeley, California)

I’m loving the mixing info I’m getting from MixTransformers. The tips I’ve picked up I can’t even count! Thank you!

Chris Norgrove, UK

Great samples, great presets, great Masterclasses and a huge world of knowledge! Thank you!

João Santos / Cosmicfactor (Brazil)

I just wanted to give you some feedback! So, first of all, I enjoyed every moment of MixTransformers, you guys did a really really pro job, I already just tried out the technique with the bass and it was phenomenal. So thank you thank you , I wish I could give all of you a big hug!

George Weisz (Hungary)

Future Psychedelic is exactly what was needed from Futurephonic :-) Superstar guest artists showing a chunk of their work is very inspiring but Alex explaining synth techniques is a new level of awesomeness!

Joao Valledor Silveiro, Portugal

I wanna thank you for your massive work. It helps me a lot - really I started from zero and I learned (and will learn) so much from your courses - you can't imagine. It helps me so much to make my tracks sound really much better (and really it change my music - make it able to be signed on Iono Music and Perfecto). You must hear this kind of story all the time but without Futurephonic, I think I would not be able to be where I am today (even if I am still a little artist)!

Jérôme Chesneau (France)